Hotel twee broeders

Luxurious rooms in a quiet Limburg village

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Hotel Twee Broeders

Michaël and David Dewalleff would like to extend a warm welcome to you in the rural and quiet three-star superior Twee Broeders, a comfortable design hotel in the centre of the rural and peaceful village of Millen. The hotel is housed in an old parsonage full of character nestled in wonderful surroundings in the rolling Hesbaye landscape. The parsonage has been renovated recently, but little has been changed on the exterior out of respect for the building, which dates from 1836, and its corresponding history.

The hotel has eleven exquisite rooms with all modern comfort:  seven in the parsonage, which dates from 1836 and is listed as a protected village scape, and four in a new building that adjoins the vicarage as a design wing. The hotel is equipped with WiFi.

The proprietors will pamper you here as they already do in the beautiful, farmstead “Hoeve Dewalleff” that houses the gastronomic restaurant where you can enjoy culinary delights during your stay.

The name of the Hotel is connected to the parsonage. “Brother” has a religious connotation.  The “Two Brothers” are two ceramic figures behind glass above the hotel entrance.  This is how the owners show their respect for the religious past of the former parsonage. They are the eye-catchers of the hotel.


“Where rest, comfort and nature go hand in hand.”


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